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Dallas Police

Dallas Independent School District

Dallas City  - Report 311 requests and more

Dallas Mayor & City Council Contact List

Dallas City Planning Contact List and Calendar

Dallas Homeowners League

Dallas Park and Recreation Board & Agenda

Dallas County

Dallas Property Tax Appraiser

Dallas County Elections

How to file a Claim in Small Claims Court


Texas Department of Transportation - Drivers license and Vehicle Registration

Texas Online


US Government

Citizens Against Government Waste

FDA Food and Drug Administration




Texas Electric Choice

Gas Company

Water & Sewer

Direct TV Satellite

Dish Satellite

Spectrum Cable

Comcast Cable

Real Estate

Dallas Property Tax Appraiser

Dept of Housing - HUD

Freddie Mac Tips on Buying, Selling, Owning, Foreclosures

Fannie Mae - Tips on Buying, Selling, Owning, Foreclosures

FHA Loan Information