Our clients have told us that we go above and beyond what they expect from a Realtor. We don't measure our success by the number of transactions we close or the amount of money we make. We measure it by how many people we have helped and if we delivered beyond their expectations.

Here is what they have said

As soon as we had finished interviewing agents it was clear that Robert and Michael were going to be the right team for us. We were thrilled to learn that they stage their listings for free, which makes all the difference for successful marketing, showing, and getting the highest sale price. We were extremely impressed with their hands-on approach, quick responses to all questions and concerns, and professional yet down to earth and personable work style. We had a very ambitious timeline but Robert, Michael and their team literally helped us with the heavy lifting on the front end and we got the house prepped and listed in record time. We were delighted to get a cash offer in the first week and we were pleased with the sale price. They even went above and beyond to help us clear up a minor snafu with the home security equipment after we had already left the state. These guys are the real deal, they really knew our neighborhood and we would highly recommend working with them.
— Rachel Brumitt, Joe's Creek Dallas
Robert helped me recover from being the victim of a home buyer scam, and got my investment home back on the market quickly. It surprised me that he would stage the house for free, which made it more pleasing to the eye. He was able to have an appointment with the photographer the day after the staging. He makes sure everything is taken care of, and his turnaround time was just a matter of days. I receive informative feedback the next day from an open house or showing. Because he is very familiar with the neighborhood, he can answer any questions buyers have. This knowledge allows him to be aware of the comps in the area and what price point to sell your home. Robert is professional and knowledgeable, and he negotiates well. As much as the seller, he wants to sell the house and will do everything he can to make that happen. I would recommend him and use him again in a heartbeat.
— Alainna Palmer, Real Estate Investor, Chapel Downs Dallas
My partner Mark and I were looking for a home in a specific geographic area. Robert’s knowledge of the neighborhood was impeccable. He knew the status of all the homes for sale. Because my elderly mother lives with us, we needed at least three bedrooms, and we needed a ranch house with wood floors so she could use her walker. When we found a home, Robert recommended an inspector. There were several issues that popped up. Robert took the total lead on the negotiation with the listing agent. He was able to get a lower price, thank goodness, and he got a credit at closing to take care of some of the issues. It was an extremely smooth process. We didn’t hit any bumps in the road. I was stunned. Robert is extremely dedicated to his customers. At the end of the day, he’ll will do what’s best for you.
— Brian Lewin, Dallas
I know I won’t find anybody better than Robert. I told him I had an interest in buying a condo for a certain price in Uptown. They’re hard to come by. Robert bookmarked a specific property I liked, and he would notify me immediately when a condo came available. I looked at two condos and put in two offers. I was outbid. Robert wrote letters to all the condo owners to see if they’d be interested in selling. The letter actually worked. The only way I was able to get this property at the price I needed was to do it the method we did. Robert was really great about that. Then there was a renter in there with a 180-day clause to move out. I needed to move in 60 days. Robert worked out a deal with the seller where the tenant would move out in 45 days. Since then he’s definitely stayed in touch. He’s been in business awhile and he has a lot of recommendations of service people if I need things fixed. He does things without asking to help you out. I don’t know how he has time to sleep.
— Nick Wulke, Uptown Dallas

My husband met Robert and was impressed by him, so he asked Robert to list his house. Robert went over and above what most realtors do. When he staged the house, he noticed things I probably wouldn’t have done. We really updated the house. We changed knobs and installed a chandelier where a ceiling fan had been. Robert went way out of his way. Anything that needed to be done, he took care of it. Robert found workers to make repairs that were extremely reasonable. During the time the house was listed, my husband passed away. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without Robert’s help. When we got the offer, he negotiated well and arranged for a long closing date to take care of estate matters, and he kept up with title company. Robert was a huge lifesaver. He delivered.
— Leslie Oeftering Folz, Web Royal Dallas
I understand the benefit of using a professional realtor, because I am one. I think Robert did a phenomenal job and was very organized and very professional and knowledgeable. He was at a completely different level. Everything was digital and electronic and easy to use. Robert was available by text, by email and by telephone. During staging, he removed things from our home and stored them for us himself. It’s an extra service I hadn’t heard of. We were very impressed with the photography Robert did and the brochures he put together. Robert had our interest during negotiation, and that put money in our pocket. We did a hybrid repairs amendment that Robert put together. I call that thinking outside the box. It was a win-win. I would recommend Robert to anybody we know and would have every confidence in doing so.
— Keith Byars, Chapel Downs Dallas
Robert came to us strongly recommended by our best friends who had worked with him. We found a home, but the main challenge was a lack of communication from the realtor for the owners. They were out of the country, and we were waiting days to find out anything. Robert was so thorough. He was on top of it before we had to ask. We got it worked out, and Robert guided us through the whole purchase process and the contract signing. The owners had not been actively looking for a place to live and needed time to find something, so we did a lease back. This also gave us time to finish out our apartment lease. Robert was available anytime to answer questions, and he was great at explaining things. It was fantastic. He will have your best interests at heart and will really go above and beyond what’s expected.
— Jamie Gillespie, Lake Highlands Dallas
Robert gave us recommendations to help us sell our condominium. He suggested we de-clutter and helped with staging, loaning us a comforter set for the guest room and other small items. The condominium then looked more spacious. Robert also recommended someone to texture the master bathroom walls and paint them. We found our new home with Robert’s help. He told us about the neighborhood and warned us about the foundation issues in the area. Robert insisted we get a leak test which resulted in the discovery of a sewer line leak. Then he contacted plumbers for quotes to fix it. I would recommend Robert because he did a good job for us. We feel he did things other agents probably would not.
— David Emmons, NW Dallas
Robert made our house look like a totally new home. We had no doubt we would need staging. We felt confident Robert could turn our mess into something good. We talked about what we would need to take out of the home, and what he would bring in. We hired his painter and carpet person. All the workers were great. Robert picked out the colors and the carpet. It truly made a huge difference. It made the house look brighter, and it looked bigger. We had an offer on the third or fourth day it was on the market, and we were right on top of our asking price. Robert really listened to us. He kept his word on everything he said he would do. When we moved, he even did research into the Oklahoma market even though he wouldn’t get anything out of it. He’s a friend now. Without a doubt we would recommend him.
— Angie Wood, Chapel Downs Dallas
Robert was so great. He’s the reason we have our absolute dream condo. Robert was our third agent. With the first one, when we emailed him, it took over a week for him to respond, and then he didn’t even answer our questions. So we emailed him again, and he didn’t respond. Another one was very unprofessional in her emails, but we went with her anyway. She was very unorganized and couldn’t talk about the neighborhoods. She wasn’t very knowledgeable. With Robert, we got an email response right away. He sat down and explained each and every neighborhood and which ones would be good for us. It was night and day. Robert did things for us without even asking. He volunteered to go look at places right away even before meeting us.

We wanted a two-bedroom condo with a yard. We narrowed it down to two condo complexes but there was nothing available. Robert wrote letters, and hand-delivered them, to every person asking if they would be interested in selling. And he did all this before he ever met us in person. We lucked out. There was one two-bedroom with a yard. We asked our lender for a 21-day close. A week before, they said there was no way. It was a mess. Robert called them non-stop to make sure we could close on time. I don’t know how he does it. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
— Jessica Wulke, Uptown Dallas